Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Singing and Pilates come together with Pilates2Voice®: A New Mind-Body-Voice Technique created by Dr. Veera Asher

Pilates2Voice® is a new mind-body technique developed by Dr. Veera Khare Asher, based on her Doctoral dissertation: “Integrating Pilates Training into the Voice Studio." This unique and innovative technique integrates Pilates-and-voice training methods. Pilates2Voice® introduces the used of ‘vocal sound’ with the physical exercises to monitor the degree of recruitment of the deep ‘core muscles’ associated with optimal breath management and healthy vocal production. It’s the first Technique that can actually measure a singer’s ability.

Practitioners of this technique are required to have education and experience as a trained singer and voice teacher, as well as Pilates instructor certification. This technique does not negate any other training method, but rather, presents new training and diagnostic tools for clients in their independent practice for improved strength and stamina. With supporting evidence-based medicine, Pilates2Voice® can help to develop a physiology that prevents physical and vocal overuse injury.

THE BENEFITS: Pilates2Voice® addresses the mind-body practice of deep core breathing and healthy voice production, resulting in optimal:

  • Body Symmetry
  • Posture
  • Breath Management & Breath Control
  • Vocal Power and Stamina
  • Mind-Body Sequencing & Conditioning
  • Vocal Resonance
  • Verbal Articulation
  • Personal Confidence and an Overall Empowered Performance
  • Mental Control and Endurance
  • Reduced Performance Anxiety
  • Differentiation between Vocal Styles: e.g. Legit vs. Belt
  • Diagnostic Tool: re: respiratory dysfunction and overuse vocal injury
  • Training Tool: for ‘Hybrid-Artists” (e.g. Aerialist-Singer, Ballet-Opera Singer)

VOICE EXPERTISE: "My own interest for this new area of research and practice has evolved from my experience as a professional singer, voice teacher, performance coach and university-level music instructor. Since completing my Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Voice Performance, and my Pilates Instructor Certification, I have a continued interest in current clinical studies related to voice performance, dance, acting, athletic training, voice science and voice pedagogy."

PILATES STYLE: Veera Asher is certified in The D.K. Body Balancing Method® in Pilates Matwork and props from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She was trained by Dance Medicine Specialist Dolly Kelepecz. The D.K. Body Balancing Method® goes beyond traditional Pilates to incorporate rehabilitative exercises based on physical therapy and other mind-body techniques including The Alexander Technique, the Artforms system, Feldenkrais and Gyrotonics.

THE CLIENTS: Pilates2Voice® can benefit professional and amateur performing artists (e.g. singers, actors, dancers), speakers, athletes, regular fitness clients as well as individuals in need of voice rehabilitation.

TEACHERS & COACHES: Pilates2Voice® has peaked positive interest from voice teachers, voice coaches, music therapists, otolaryngologists (ENT), speech pathologists, physical therapists, yoga instructors, Alexander and Feldenkrais teachers, pianists, flutists, and parents of children with special needs including Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD, visual impairment (blind), and CAD (Central Auditory Processing Deficit).

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